Nova Boygatech mehanička sejalica

nova Boygatech mehanička sejalica
nova Boygatech mehanička sejalica
nova Boygatech mehanička sejalica slika 2
nova Boygatech mehanička sejalica slika 3
nova Boygatech mehanička sejalica slika 4
nova Boygatech mehanička sejalica slika 5
nova Boygatech mehanička sejalica slika 6
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Marka:  Boygatech
Tip:  mehanička sejalica
Lokacija:  Turska TEKİRDAĞ
Datum objavljivanja:  juče
Agronetto ID:  ZA39291
Stanje:  novi
Dodatne informacije
Boja:  crveni

Dodatne informacije — Nova Boygatech mehanička sejalica

Universal Sowing Machine: Efficient and Diverse Sowing of Grain and Legume Seeds

Developed to increase productivity and save labor in agricultural production, the Universal Sowing Machine stands out as an important tool for sowing different crops such as cereals and legume seeds. This machine enables efficient and diverse sowing of cereal seeds such as wheat, barley, oats, rye, as well as legume seeds such as corn, soybean, peas, chickpeas, lentils and rapeseed. Here are the key features of the Universal Seeder:

Compatible Discs for Various Seeds: The Universal Seeder is equipped with discs suitable for different seed types. These discs are designed for different seed sizes and shapes, thus providing ideal sowing conditions for cereal and legume seeds.

Adjustable Sowing Range and Depth: The machine can be easily adapted to set the seeding spacing and depth required by the crop to be planted. This gives farmers optimized planting options for different seed types and soil conditions.

Automatic Seed Distribution: Thanks to its automatic seed distribution mechanism, the Universal Seeder places seeds uniformly and homogeneously under the soil. This ensures even and healthy plant growth.

Large Seeding Capacity: The machine’s large seeding capacity allows farmers to plant larger areas in less time. This saves time in the production process.

Mobility and Maneuverability: The Universal Seeder is equipped with movable wheels or models that are easily attached to the tractor. This allows farmers to easily maneuver around the field and make the planting process more efficient.

Soil Protection: The special design of the machine minimizes soil disturbance and reduces the risk of erosion. This preserves soil quality and ensures long-term productivity.
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